Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun Times

I got a phone call earlier today from Nicki saying she needed my help. She was helping another friend with a photography assignment for class. He was taking bridals in a studio and she was to be the bride. She said "you know I can't zip the dress up by myself!" So naturally I went with her. We got there about an hour late, and didn't start for another 45 min. after that. But it was so funny to watch because they were totally posed! I hate posed photos. They both said how much it was not there style, but he had to do it according to the assignment. There were times that I just laughed because, and Nicki I love you, but she is not good at serious faces! And some of the serious ones she half looked tough and half crazy! But she was gorgeous, like always! And total feat... She fit in her wedding dress!!!! Not many brides can say that after 6 months! YAY! 

Here's us on her wedding day. Love you Nicki!

Friday, January 23, 2009

BYU Basketball

I have learned to appreciate college basketball. I started out at a school that had no football, so our love was basketball. Homecoming and all major sporting events were basketball. And it helped that we were good... GO ODU! (I'm still a monarch at heart) 

But now that I have football my basketball attendance has dropped slightly. But thanks to Nicki, and the fact that she goes to see Nate cheer helps me get back in the spirit. Last night's game was intense. We were doing so good, but like true BYU nature, we CHOKED! UGH why?? why? why? Oh well. I was a way intense and good game.

And even funnier story... Me, Nicki, and Nate were coming up the elevator from the ground floor and were with all the UNLV basketball players. One guy (mind you a tall guy) randomly says "I need a shower".. well the smart allelic that I am debated within myself whether or not to comment on it... well my sassy side came I and I looked up at him and said "Yeah you do." The expressions on his and his teammates faces were priceless! Totally priceless. 

I finally took pictures for once. They aren't amazing but there are with amazing people. And please note the glasses and dark hair. I re-invented myself. I am growing up and realizing that I am so I am starting to think about what will look good as a professional. Let me know if you like it. 

My bestest. Love you <3 
And my favorite married friends. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter Adventures

This past Saturday some friends and I went snowshoeing! It was quite an adventure. None of us had gone before, but it was a total blast.

This is the view from further up the mountain. How beautiful is it! I know I hate on Utah a lot but I can't deny how gorgeous this sight it. It is not water and beach but it has its own beauty. 
The girls and our snowshoes on! Getting them on was an experience all on its own.
We tried to hike up to a big waterfall, but took the wrong path. But we still found a waterfall. Some people said to keep walking up and there would be a "small" waterfall. They we not kidding when they said small. But it was still pretty. 
There was a lot of falling involved. But never try to push someone down, because they normally take you down with them. Brittani found out the hard way!


I can't believe that I haven't posted anything in a month! Ahhh I am horrible at keeping up with things. 

So school has started again. Classes are a doozy, like always. I am working with Operation Kids for my 421 class. They are an awesome organization that finds charities that deal with children and steer donations towards them. They work with organizations or clients that are looking to donate and they find charities are putting the money donated to good use. I am excited but definitely nervous. I actually feel like a PR major this semester, instead of a print journalism. 

A big change... I dyed my hair brunette. Pictures to come, as soon as I take some of my new hair. I love it! Its a change, but I think a good one. 

My best christmas present...

I got a MacBook! One of the new ones. It is so amazing and nice!