Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunday Fun Day

On Sunday I went to a friend's boxing match. It was his first match ever and we all went to support him/see him get hit. (yeah, we are great friends, aren't we!)

It was in Taichung, a city close to us, where I go for church. I had my roommates phone so that they could text me the address and I could show it to the cab driver and he could take me there. Well the text never came and I really wanted to go (apparently it was sent like 4 times, but not a single one came to me). They had said it was by the Art Museum, so that is where I told the cab driver to go to. Well once there, I had to find it. I walked down about 3 streets and felt hopeless. I had no idea where this boxing studio was, and if I did pass it, would I know it was the boxing studio?? Finally I got in another cab and one of the girls told the driver where to go.

Small tasks like getting to a friend's match, much more difficult when you don't speak the language and phones suck!

Well the trouble of getting there was well worth it. I did not miss the match, thankfully! I saw a few other matches before him and I must say, asians are not the best for crowds. There was no cheering or clapping. They just stood there with their arms folded, not saying anything. Well being the Meiguorans (American) we had to be loud. We are always the loudest in any situation so why should this be any different.

Nic gets in the ring and we cheer. The bell sounds and the match begins. A few dance moves between the two men and the first punch is thrown. Nic gets hit. Ouch! If you do not like getting hit, I do not suggest boxing. It looks painful to watch the guys get beat up and worse, they pay to get hit! But anyways, After those first few punches, Nic is pretty disoriented. I am not sure what happened, but I think he completely forgot how to block a punch. The rest of the match was a little hard to watch. But it was his first one and he did well for it. If only he had blocked... who knows how the match would have turned out. April is his next match... let's see how well he improves ;)

Here are some pictures from the evening.

Beastly girl warming up! You do not want to mess with her.

Before the match... thinkin' he's a big shot...

And he is hit...

After the match, looking a little tired.

A few of us at the match. Me, Leah and Jeff.

Side note... I was in 7eleven yesterday and saw a british guy (that taught at another school in town) and did not like it! It is weird to see other foreigners. I felt like they were intruding on my space. The people are suppose to stare at me, not them!

Next adventure... Taipei on Saturday. Then dancing that night. Pretty dang excited for that!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adventures in Taiwan

Living in another country has opened my eyes. I cannot believe that I live here.

I am in my third week of teaching. My kids are so cute. I teach kids between 7 and 8. They are in the basic reading program. They are beginning to read. Teaching english has taught me a lot about our language. There are so many random things about english that are difficult to teach. It is something that you just pick up through listening to it. Now I have to figure out how to teach kids, that are never around english, to understand the weird quirks of the english language. I am hoping to take pictures soon of my kids to show you how cute they are.

A family from the school to me and my roommates/other teachers hiking in Tianjhong. Their hiking consists mainly of stairs. So we hiked stairs/mountain. At the top was an amazing tea farm. And on the way was just forest around us. The pictures I took did not do it any justice. And we saw so many fruit plants; pineapple and dragon fruit were my favorite to see. In the village just beyond the tea farm was a cute family that came out to say hi. I don't think any of them could speak english but it is amazing to see the communication the goes on between people of two different languages. Smiles go a long way. They offered us some hot tea.
At the end of the day the family took us to a restaurant that serves 7 courses. It was amazing! I could not finish it. After being in Asia for a while you get used to eating less. Just rice, vegetables and a little meat. Going from those meals to a 7 course meal does things to your stomach, but it was SO good! It cost 500 NT... which is about $18 USD. But it is an expensive meal for Taiwan.

Random quirks of Taiwan
1. When you hear car with music... it's not the ice cream man, it is the garbage man. It confused me so much. I would get my hopes up, only to have them crumble when I saw it was just the garbage.
2. Traffic laws are more of a guideline. Scooters control the road and if you are near a bus, you feel the life sucked out of you.
3. As I bike around my city, it is the greatest site ever to see a temple or monastery pop out of no where.
4. Korean artists are HUGE here! One of the most popular songs here is called Sorry Sorry by Super Junior. Super Junior is a band of about 13 boys-- Backstreet boys on speed!

(I cannot figure out how to post the actual video one here... Stacy help!!!!)

Here is a Korean Girl Group singing Nobody But You, another big song out here!

From our hiking trip... this is the baby dragon that is being protected by its momma at a temple in the village near the tea farm. I think it is so cute!

A lady working in the tea field.

Angry dog... I think this was the first dog that actually growled at me!

Someone that it was a good idea to dig a hole to China, too bad they didn't that far

I will post more soon... once I get a new camera to use... I dropped it while hiking, and now I can't see the screen.

Ps. I think I have started to change, for the better. When I dropped my camera and couldn't see the screen anymore, if I were still in the states I probably would have been really upset and angry, but here I did not care. It just goes along with the adventures. I have a new outlook on things. It is only a bad situation if you think it is. Think positive and look for the brighter things. If you are in a bad situation, just think you are alive.