Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last week was the longest week of my life. I can't believe school start just last monday.

I started my internship at Thanksgiving Point. I am in the public events department and I am loving it. It was a long week with my normal 20 hours a week plus 20 hours over the weekend for events, but the great thing is that I am sure that this is what I want to do. Although I had no part in planning any of the events that I worked this weekend, I enjoyed the day of part.

Classes this semester will be quite interesting. My capstone class will be time consuming but good, seeing as I love my group! I have my last 3 generals and one comms elective this semester: upper english, new testament, and media and world religions. I did not get my job back at Marriott but based on this past week, I don't have time for work.

Below are some pictures of the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point, where I spent all of my time this weekend.