Thursday, October 1, 2009


There are two things that are crazy about this post.

1. It is the second post of the day. And when you only post every other week or so, it is exciting to post twice in one day... and it be like minutes after each other.

2. I was going through random blogs... just hitting next blog button at the top of the page and I came across this blog...

Now what is crazy about it is that it is of Farm Country. At Thanksgiving Point! Which is where I do my internship. I was just at Farm Country yesterday, for the first time since being at my internship for 5 weeks. It got me really excited to know about the place this lady was blogging. Now I don't know if the "next blog" button is based out of where you live or whatever, or if it is completely random. I hope it is random because it makes this finding so much cooler!

My Life

I have always been one to hate talking about myself. I love listening to others and hearing their stories. I just have always felt that I have nothing exciting to talk about my own life. Who wants to know what I did this morning or what I encountered. Now there are exceptions, if something totally bizarre happens or I had a really bad day and needed to vent to a friend I would. But lately, I have noticed myself talking more and more about me. I have been trying to figure out why the shift. First, I think to myself, "I hope I am not talking to much, and boring this poor person." Second, is what I am saying really that important that I hear myself tell people over and over (not to the same person, but to different people).

What am I telling people... the answer to the almighty questions "What are you doing when you graduate?" and every variation of that question. (Abby, I am right there with you). But, it is slightly exciting to have something to tell them. "I might be teaching English in Taiwan for 6 months to a year starting in Jan." The might be part is because i STILL don't know.

But I am sure when I graduate and figure out what I am doing... or have nothing to do because the economy still sucks... I will go back to not talking about myself and dreading to meet new people because that means... I have to talk about myself.