Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things I will miss

1. Seeing my beautiful, fun loving kids
2. Being a celebrity
3. Having my picture taken either with my knowledge or without
4. Playing charades every time I want to communicate with people
5. Riding my bike everywhere
6. Riding my bike in the middle of the street
7. Going to other countries--We have named specific places Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and Korea
8. Chocolate Bing-shas (I need to figure out how to make them at home because I will go through some serious withdraws)
9. Almost always having someone with me when I go somewhere (ok, I might not miss this too much, but I will most certainly miss the company that my roomies provide me)
10. Getting lost with no way to figure out how to get unlost- no phone and a language barrier
11. Going to Clothes Street or Food Street
12. Staring at people and not feeling bad or awkward
13. Being stared at 24/7!
14. Haggling prices for stuff
15. Buying shoes for $6 USD
16. Trying to decipher what a sign says
17. Making up translations for what is being said
18. Talking about people when they are right next to me
19. Carefree life of living here
20. Waking up after I am scheduled to go to work, and not rushing to get to work
21. Asian fashion style... anything goes here!
22. The people I have met
23. Fresh fruits! They are amazing here
24. 7/11 on every other corner- The ones at home just don't compare to the ones here.
25. Night markets
26. Shopping in Taichung
27. The Philippinos!
28. The garbage truck song

I am pretty sure there are things that I missed, but you get the idea. I have learned to appreciate this country and the things in it. I still think to myself, Really, Really that just happened?!? But it is those moments that I love the most. A lot of things are very different than in the States, but if they were the same it would not be Taiwan. I hope to come back to visit some day (maybe by then I will have learned some Chinese). I can't believe I only have one more week of teaching and 2 more weeks until I am home. This might have been the fastest 6 months of my life!

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