Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Year in Photo

Some of my friends here decided to do a picture a day for a year. The picture would be the highlight of the day, or just whatever popped out at him/her at the moment. I thought that was a great idea. I have been slacking on taking photos for the past 3 months and really need to start again. I have my new camera and I am in this beautiful and amazing country. I need to take advantage of it. And I will be returning home in 5 short weeks and I know that there will be plenty to document.

I had planned to start this yesterday, but I fell asleep before I remembered to post the picture and what not. So here is yesterday and today. (Side note- I know myself too well and know that I will not be able to post a picture a day, so I will most likely do a post a week with 7 photos... or maybe every 5 days since blogger only allows 5 photo uploads at a time)

Monday May 24, 2010
Facials. Since coming to Taiwan I have sort of let myself go. I rarely wear makeup (it normally drips off of me the moment I walk outside), I could care less what the people around me think. I have the mind frame of I'm in Taiwan, I might as well do whatever I want while I am here and when I get back home I will deal with it. But, Carly came back from Taipei with some face masks and I joined her in using one. It has been so long since I have properly had a beauty night. The masks were interesting and made us look hilarious. So here is photo number one!

Tuesday May 25, 2010.
I went to bed a little nervous that I would not have anything to take a picture of for today's picture. But good old Taiwan pulled through for me. I was woken up to beating drums and LOTS of fireworks. There was a political rally taking place in the courtyard of my apartment building. People were giving food to their ancestors, doing the Bye-Bye (a religious prayer for ancestors) and 3 drum guys and 2 cymbal guys were banging away. Later came the dragons. This went on for quite some time and have no idea when I ended because I had to leave and go to work. I am under the impression that people do not work here. They are always at the market or at rallys in the middle of the day. I wonder when they actually work.

Then at school today we only had 3 kids. Tuesdays are the smallest day because Chinese school is longer on tuesdays and so only the younger kids that parents are at work come to school. Well Sam puts his hat on Jimmy and tells him to twist his fingers and it was just hilarious! Jimmy is such a great kid. He is so smart and really getting the hang of English. Unfortunately he realizes that he is good and is starting to try and push his luck and become a little punk. But for now, he is still a great kid (most of the time).

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Christine Frandsen said...

This is a great idea. :) I like seeing your day to day.
Great pics!